Create the Ideal Remote Workspace So You Can Work from Home Efficiently

If you were given permission to work from home and haven’t done so in the past, you’ll need to set up a remote workspace…

How to Travel with a Standing Desk

I needed a standing desk workspace that could fit into a suitcase, here’s what I did By Adam Walker With my new role, I’m fortunate to…

“Is Standing Better Than Sitting At A Desk?”

How can I be more active at my desk job? It’s also a standing desk question health-conscious companies are asking as well since regular…

Why Sit to Stand Desk Risers Help You Study

Studying has evolved from what it once was.  Rather than being stuck to sitting at a desk for countless hours, these days, things have…

Things to Remember when Installing an Adjustable Desk Converter at Home

Are you looking to install an office in your home? Try getting an Adjustable Desk Converter. This new type of furniture is all the…

Why Your Gadgets are Safer on a Standing Desk Riser

People nowadays get standing desk risers for a myriad of reasons. For a lot of them, working with one helps them keep healthy and…

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