Create the Ideal Remote Workspace So You Can Work from Home Efficiently

If you were given permission to work from home and haven’t done so in the past, you’ll need to set up a remote workspace…

How the Rocelco MSD-40 mobile standing desk with DM3 triple monitor arm has changed my life

 I’ve been using the Rocelco MSD-40 Mobile Standing Desk with the Rocelco DM3 triple monitor arm for the past six months in my home…

How To Set Up A Home Office

By: Harry Emerson   For a long time, the ability to work from home was reserved for the lucky and privileged few, those who…

127 Years at Rocelco!

January 11,  2022  Today we celebrate the 60th birthday of our Warehouse Manager Errol Stewart (centre), whose 40th work anniversary at Rocelco is coming…

How to Travel with a Standing Desk

I needed a standing desk workspace that could fit into a suitcase, here’s what I did By Adam Walker With my new role, I’m fortunate to…

“Is Standing Better Than Sitting At A Desk?”

How can I be more active at my desk job? It’s also a standing desk question health-conscious companies are asking as well since regular…

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