TV/Projector Mounts

Here at Rocelco, we understand the needs of our clients, that’s why we stock a wide range of robust TV and projector mounts that meet the specific requirements of the myriad of products that are available in today’s marketplace. All our products are sturdy, vigorous, and come with a guarantee. We source only the best quality TV and projector mounts in order to provide our clients with competitive solutions to all their A/V installation and setup needs. We want to offer businesses a catalogue of excellent products that help them to supply and serve all of their customers in an instant.

Tilting TV Wall Mounts

Tilting TV Wall Mount - Rocelco VLTM

Low Profile Wall Mounts

Low Profile Wall Mounts - Rocelco MDS-LP

Articulating Wall Mounts

Articulating Wall Mounts

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling Mounts - Rocelco TPM

Commercial Video Wall Mounts

Commercial Video Wall Mounts - Rocelco MVWM

TV/Projector Mounts Solutions

Rocelco’s Solutions

Rocelco’s Solutions

We designed and sourced our huge range of wholesale TV and projector mounts so that suppliers could find solutions for all their product offerings in one place.

But we didn’t stop there… Of course, it’s great to have a bracket or a wall mount that compliments a specific brand and model of TV or projector.

But what about stylising the entertainment needs of your customers? What one customer needs for a TV In their corporate office is completely different to another customer that needs a pull-out articulated mounting solution for a large AV unit that will be used for corporate displays or training videos.

That’s why our product range covers all bases. From Ceiling Mounts, through to Commercial Video Wall Mounts, and Tilting TV Wall Mounts.

A Testament to Quality

A Testament to Quality

We serve as a one-stop shop for all commercial TV suppliers, installers, projector manufacturers, architects, interior designers, and AV companies.
Our products are built to withstand the test of time, carefully engineered and soured from the finest quality materials, with practicality and longevity at the forefront of our innovation process.
We specialize in providing ergonomic office furniture and supplies with the highest quality durable mounting TV and projector brackets that, once installed professionally and correctly onto a wall or ceiling, will almost certainly outlast the TV or projector that they support.

Distributed Across North America

Distributed Across North America

For over half a century Rocelco has supplied a wide range of both B2B and B2C products across North America and Canada. At the start of our journey, we supplied early product lines of quality British audio products. Today, we have a well-established catalogue of ergonomic office products, a collection that we’ve built a solid reputation delivering. Rocelco has partnered with some of North America’s largest retailers including Amazon, Walmart, S.P Richards, Staples, Office Basics, and many more.

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Rocelco brings the dealer and manufacturer, the benefit of experience that money can’t buy. We are proud that we have contributed to the success of our dealers and suppliers, and of the lifetime of loyal relationships that have resulted from the audio-video business.

We have a long past because we have always looked to the future, which has required us to constantly improve and update our products, business methods and technologies. At the same time, we believe that the traditional values of hard work, integrity, innovation, dedicated customer service, and loyalty to our customers and suppliers, are still the values that will stand the test of time.

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