How Standing Desk Converters Improve Productivity

How can you improve your productivity at work? Take on more jobs? Make sure you sleep at night, so you’re more energized in the morning? Or drink lots of energy drinks?

These ways are all well and good. These things can only do so much in really improving how much you work during the day. Sometimes, there needs to be a total change in your entire work lifestyle. This is to really promote productivity.

Such changes include changing how you work, such as from sitting around all day. You can stand while accomplishing your tasks.

While this prospect may sound tiring already, this may actually be the answer your looking for. Countless employees had attested to becoming more productive during the day when they started using a standing desk converter.

They emphasize that it’s given them loads of benefits. From their mental stability to physical fitness, the advantages are countless. Unconvinced still? Here are ways in which standing desk converters can improve your productivity.

Powers Up the Brain

Standing Desk Converters

Unbeknownst to many, sitting for long hours, or simply staying stationary for a long period, can reduce your brain power.

Even when you’re focused on something, your blood flow is negatively impacted. Your brain isn’t receiving the blood it needs to work at its best.

Whereas when you’re standing and moving about during the work day, this actually stimulates your blood flow. This gives your brain all the nutrients it needs to power up.

The next time you’re considering going for a standing desk riser, think about how it will impact your brain.

Helps You Focus

Standing Desk Converters

You might think that sitting down while working will help you focus. In actuality, however, standing up does more to benefit your focus than sitting down for hours.

Think about it, doesn’t staying in an upright position helps you stay in the lane when it comes to working. You’re less distracted. Almost all of your energy is given to finishing your tasks for the day.

On the other hand, sitting actually makes you more vulnerable to other distractions that may disrupt your workday.

Keeps you Mentally Stable

Mental instability at work is sometimes a product of staying stationary for long hours during the day. Your mind can get too stimulated with all the work that needs to be done. This includes all the extra drama unfolding in the office.

If things get too much, you’re more likely to destabilize your thinking and get lost in the middle of your responsibilities. Fortunately, standing while working helps your brain work properly.

By doing so, you’ll be more than capable of drowning out all the negativity in the workspace and solely focus on finishing your job for the day.

Reduces Stress

Standing Desk Converters

Work can sometimes take a mental toll on you. All the tasks that need to be done with all the deadlines needed to be met, it can all get overwhelming.

This results feeling more stress than ever before, which can also lead to unproductivity. To avoid such, using a standing desk converter gives you a mental boost to channel all your energy into work and nothing else.

It helps you compartmentalize your thoughts in a way that they don’t cloud your work day, and you’re able to finish all your tasks on time.

Boosts Your Mood

Standing Desk Converters

Work can certainly put a damper on your mood. Whether it’s your boss having yelled at you or you’re lost in sad thoughts, it’s easy to feel down when you’re working.

This, in turn, leads to less productivity, which is bad for your career. But instead of sitting around and moping, standing up gives you some much-needed zest to turn that frown upside-down.

By staying upright, you’re focusing your attention into accomplishing the tasks better, which helps in forgetting what you were sad about in the first place.

Conserves Your Energy

Using a standing desk convert isn’t simply standing while working. If you keep still while you work away, then there’s little to no difference between that and sitting.

Both are staying stationary, which time and time again, has been proven to have its own negative effects. When your standing while working, you can move a bit, take some sitting breaks, and simply stimulate your mind and body.

This results in conserving more of your energy and using it to accomplish all your tasks for the day.

Keeps You Aware

It’s good to focus solely on your work, but from time to time, it’s also good to be aware of your surroundings.

You might know it, but suddenly things can change, and what you’re working on now might not be needed anymore, which means you put your energy into something unimportant and you just wasted your time.

At least with using a standing desk converter, you’re more able to be aware of what’s going on around you. Even when you’re still working on that one task, you’ll hear and see better what’s going on inside the office.

Reduces Body Aches

Standing Desk Converters

Sitting isn’t actually a natural human position. This is why we can only sit for a surmountable period, but after a few hours or so, we need to be standing up again.

Sitting for the entire workday can actually promote body aches and pains, which can substantially distract you from working properly and lessen productivity.

But with standing up using a desk converter, you’re able to keep up your body’s natural posture, as well as stretch all the aches and pains away.

Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

Standing Desk Converters

Standing desk converters are becoming more popular nowadays because it holds a host of health benefits.

From reducing the risk of various illnesses, such as obesity and osteoporosis, to promoting better blood circulation and fewer muscle tensions, people who stand up while they work are often healthier than those who just sit around.

Furthermore, this new work lifestyle enables one to sneak in a few exercises in between tasks, which give them better promotion of physical fitness.

Overall, this type of furniture gives you a better avenue for incorporating a healthier lifestyle at work.

They’re Comfortable

Standing up during work sounds uncomfortable, but it really isn’t. As stressed earlier, using a standing desk converter isn’t just simply standing still while you work, but rather give you freer movement and more awareness to yourself and your surroundings.

As long as you’re able to gauge how long it takes for you to stay standing while you work, and how many breaks you’ll need in between, then using these desk converters can prove to be more comfortable than sitting around.


Productivity can be promoted in many ways, one of which is using a standing desk converter. Before you brush off the idea of working with one, read back to our list and see its countless benefits that’ll make you work faster and better.

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