Benefits of Anti Fatigue Mats

We all want to feel good while working but having to spend 8 hours a day in a stuffy office doesn’t sound all that inviting, does it? While there are a lot of ways in which you can try to incite some relaxation and a bit of excitement to your normal work days, at times, they aren’t enough.

No matter how much you drink your coffee, decorate your desk, or make up office games to help pass the time, working for long hours in the office can get quite uncomfortable.

This, however, does not have to be the case all the time. There are certain appliances and furniture that are specifically designed to help you relax and energized while you work.

One such is an anti-fatigue mat. By the name itself, it already seems like it’ll be extremely helpful and it will! For a clearer picture, here are some benefits of using anti-fatigue mats.

Reduces Foot Pressure

anti fatigue mat

The first things that your anti-fatigue mat will benefit are your feet. Some of the best anti-fatigue mats are the ones with cushioned rubber properties that help relieve the pressure off your feet.

This is especially true if you work standing up with a standing desk riser. These properties keep your feet relaxed and at ease despite the heel-to-ground contact and the vertical weight of your body.

At times, certain feet movements can even feel like you’re being massaged by your anti-fatigue mat.

Prevents Stiffness

If you’re staying stationary throughout the long hours of your work days, certain body parts are going to become stiff. Your joints, especially your knees, are the most at risk of experiencing this minor (that can lead to major) annoyance.

Not to mention the discomfort will leave you too distracted to accomplish your tasks and responsibilities for the day. Fortunately, anti-fatigue floor mats enable you to change standing positions from time to time.

And when your body moves after every few hours, your joints will be safe from becoming stiff.

Helps Prevent Accidents

anti fatigue mat

Did you know that anti-fatigue mats can cover floor spaces even beyond your own work area? 

And if your mat or flooring has the right rubber texture and cushioning, it can reduce workplace accidents tenfold. There’s less risk of people spilling their drinks and others slipping because of them.

The best ones are usually with non-slip bottoms like Rocelco’s MAFM anti-fatigue mat.

Reduces Noise

With the new trend in open concept offices, these environments, while great for collaboration, can be extremely noisy and distracting. 

Anti-fatigue mats on the floor can help buffer and absorb ambient noise, and are particularly effective for hard surfaces. Your clumsy co-worker who is always dropping their stapler won’t bother you if their anti-fatigue mat is there to break the fall!

Keeps You Relaxed

At times, just feeling something comfortable is enough to help you relax. Like a pillow for your feet, feeling the soft and rubbery texture of your anti-fatigue floor mat can induce the same rush of relaxation.

This is especially if you’re standing while working, as moving about helps you experience the texture more thoroughly. While it isn’t quite like standing on a fluffy mattress, the rubbery cushioned surface is enough to feel soft and airy, which are welcome sensations for people who’ve been glued to their desks for long hours.

Decreases Weight

The best anti-fatigue floor mats for standing desks encourage a bit of movement and a whole lot of strenuous postures. This, in turn, will help decrease your weight.

This is one of the best benefits of both standing while working and incorporating anti-fatigue mats onto your workspaces. In contrast, while sitting for long hours is more of the norm when working in an office, standing while working has been proven to be a much healthier proposition.

It’s both a form of exercise and relaxation, one that will help prevent the risk of obesity.

Promotes Good Posture

Imagine standing on a flat concrete surface for a long period. Chances are, within a few minutes or even an hour, you’ll get stiff stoic, and full of tensions.

Now imagine standing on an anti-fatigue floor mat within the same time span. The rubbery and cushioned surface will keep you balanced and relaxed even when you’re not moving.

This way, the blood flow of your body is not disrupted, promoting good posture in the process. As you work away on your desk, you’ll find that you’re finally comfortable leveling your shoulders, putting your chest out, and exhibiting proper posture.

Preserves Your Energy

The best anti-fatigue mats for standing desks relieve you of your tensions while you work in an upright position. Since your feet are not pressured by your weight, as well as your body is exhibiting proper posture, your energy won’t be wasted on trying to keep yourself upright in all those work hours.

This way, it can be properly consumed on accomplishing your daily tasks and responsibilities. While energy is never lessened, it doesn’t have to be wasted on keeping your body sane throughout your workday.

Increases Productivity

Once your energy is preserved, and your body is used to standing up while you’re working, this can increase your productivity tenfold. You might suddenly find that you’re in less need of breaks in between (but they’re still required in order to avoid exhaustion) and that you’ve finished your work faster and earlier than you expected.

Productivity is what’s needed most in a business or company, and if anti-fatigue mats help in encouraging it, then they truly are smart investments.

Reduces Stress

anti fatigue mat

The name anti-fatigue mat isn’t just for fun. These helpful mats have been proven to lessen and ultimately eliminate any fatigue one feels while working for long hours.

This leads to a substantial reduction of stress, and in the process, a better day at work. Taking into account all the other benefits listed above, the best anti-fatigue mats for standing desk makes it less strenuous and exhausting to work even while standing up.


Anti-fatigue may not be that much popular now s the concept is fairly new to a lot of people. But once they are more aware of its countless benefits, they’ll be buying some for themselves in no time!

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